From the Sensory to the Intuitive

The BE OPEN forum explores human perception and how to design for it.

BE OPEN partners with Design Miami/ to launch the BE OPEN Forum, a portal to the future of design practice.

Each of the Forum participants practices outside the boundaries of traditional product design, utilizing food, scent, biochemistry and haptic technology to make research accessible to the global community and imagine the possibilities of design through sensory exploration.

The Forum speakers are: Carter Cleveland, Co-founder of and computer scientist; Dawn Goldworm, scent designer for olfactory branding company 12.29; Tuur Van Balen, designer and partner in design practice Cohen Van Balen; Marije Vogelzang, eating designer; Jamie Zigelbaum and Marcelo Coelho, Zigelbaum + Coelho design studio founders.   The event will be moderated by creative consultane Jeffrey Miller.

Design of the five senses is at the core of BE OPEN’s activities for 2012/2013, a holistic approach to user-oriented design where the latest technology can help us reach beyond everyday experience to create an unlimited variety of sensations. The next stages in BE OPEN’s journey through the senses will be announced in Miami, including information on the think tank’s involvement during the Salone del Mobile, Milan 2013.

The BE OPEN Forum in Miami is part of a broader project to explore the five traditional senses – sight, smell, taste, touch and sound – the starting point for research into the next realm, that of the sixth sense, or intuition.  Sixth sense design would represent the ultimate synthesis of human sensory perception and technological genius, offering an infinite variety of sensations that would overcome the perceived limitations of design today.  The project was launched at the London Design Festival in September 2012 where the focus was on the sense of sound.  Events included the installation of a Sound Portal in Trafalgar Square, a talks programme with WIRED UK and the Victoria & Albert Museum, new designers working in the sensory realm at Tom Dixon’s Dock and an international awards programme at 100% Design.

Design Miami/ 2012
Saturday, December 8

2pm to 4 pm

Free admission