London Students Step Into the Future Through the BE OPEN Sound Portal

2012 saw the arrival of  BE OPEN Sound Portal, launched September. The matt black cylindrical listening booth stood for a week in one of London’s most noisy locations and transported visitors in Trafalgar Square to a number of imaginary places with soundscapes designed by the likes of Squarepusher, Jana Winderen and Ivan Pavlov. His contribution, for example, sounded like folk music for aliens. Never mind Italian futurism; this was pure futurology.


What Is Happening to Our Senses and Tastes? BE OPEN Looks Into the Future at Milan Design Week 2013

BE OPEN’S second day at the Fuorisalone offered visitors the opportunity to taste the future, with the BE OPEN Talk, a panel discussion moderated by Philippe Daverio on the sensory future and the BE OPEN Food Theatre at the Moroso showroom, a unique food experience.

These events are a part of an extensive programme to research design for the five senses through innovative projects that reach out to the sixth sense, or intuition. The Foundation is committed to developing this concept, finding ways of connecting with people’s intuitive responses through inventive combinations of the sensory and the technological, to create the ultimate in multi-sensory experiences.