Samskara Brand Concept Store

BE OPEN Made in…India Exhibition, Delhi Feb 10-28/14

Samskara Brand Concept Store

For the BE OPEN Made in…India exhibition in Delhi which opened Feb 10, 2014, renowned architect and educator, Anupama Kundoo, transformed interiors of the Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts into a environment of calm and balance–and a zone of chic–with modern fixtures, indoor pools and local hand-carved stone used in original ways.


“Made in … India” Launches in Delhi

BE OPEN, the global philanthropic foundation, launched its worldwide project “Made in …” in Delhi last week, the beginning of a two-year journey to the ‘four corners’ of the earth to research the handmade and how to ensure its survival in the future.

Nowadays we tend to consider bespoke items as the ultimate form of luxury, since they stand above the homogenized mass market, offering the consumer a unique mode of self-expression.  As a result, despite having been neglected for a considerable amount of time, crafts are now re-acquiring a leading place in the production chain, with their potential to offer this much desired exclusive and uniqueness.

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