Review of BE OPEN Sound Design Talk in Association With Wired Consulting

Thursday 20 September 6-8pm
The Hospital Club, 24 Endell Street, Covent Garden

BE OPEN hosted a panel discussion in collaboration with WIRED Consulting (the bespoke events arm of the internationally renowned magazine WIRED UK), on Thursday 20 September at London’s Hospital Club. Tom Cheshire, Associate Editor of WIRED UK,  moderated a panel of leading design minds, including celebrated designer Tom Dixon, Roland Lamb, Matthew Herbert, Lauren Stewart and Benjamin Koren.


Sound and Sustainability Are the Winners at the BE OPEN Awards

London, September 21, 2012 – Today the winners of the BE OPEN AWARDS, an international scheme for the promotion of young creative talent, were announced at 100% Design.

The winner in the CAST category is Alexandra Kharakoz from the UK, with Sonic Landscape, an interactive, real-time, sonic sculpture designed to heighten awareness about how sound is produced.

BE OPEN Space at the Dock

BE OPEN Space at the Dock

Tom Dixon’s west London canal-side HQ was the venue for BE OPEN’s first off-schedule event at the 2012 London Design Festival. Described by Dixon as a flash-market showcase of young design talent, BE OPEN SPACE consisted of eight site-specific raw-wood stands conceived by designer-engineers Pan Studio and JailMake. Their solid, practical construction made reference to pine art-transport containers while also echoing the old trade stalls of Florence’s Ponte Vecchio.


Endless Interruptions

Designer Sam Bernier’s starting point is the ultimate contemporary dilemna. “After finishing the content of a mason jar… I always clean it and keep it for later use. I quickly realised that I had almost no opportunities to actually reuse them unless I decided to turn my kitchen into a canning manufacture,” he writes. Bernier’s response was to create customised lids  using low cost 3D printing for the jars. He uses the popular phrase ‘upcycling’.


BE OPEN Awards Shortlist Announced

Nine talented young designers go forward to the finals of the BE OPEN Awards, which will be presented as part of the think tank’s activities during the 2012 London Design Festival.

“BE OPEN is about ‘intellectual development’, investing in the creation of added value for future generations. Our programmes are about generating original thinking from the most promising young minds of our time”, said Elena Baturina, founder of BE OPEN.


What Will the Future Sound Like? BE OPEN Sound of the Future

Imagine the world of tomorrow and imagine the soundscape. Will it be beeping computers, electric cars, giant wind turbines and spacecraft?

Will it be a noiseless, utopian world of clean, environmentally friendly machines, where humans can travel, communicate and experience life through the limitless possibilities of the internet, or noisy and frenetic, where nature and humanity come second?


BE OPEN to the Sound of the Future

Creative Think Tank BE OPEN Highlights Sensory Design at the 2012

London Design Festival
17 th -23 rd   September 2012

BE OPEN, the global think tank set up to foster creativity and innovation, arrives in London for the 2012 London Design Festival on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the largest design event in the UK. The Festival’s programme attracts visitors from all over the world, and the foundation will be part of this huge showcase with a whole series of activities. BE OPEN’s events in London are part of a broader project by the think tank to explore the five traditional senses – sight, smell, taste, touch and sound – the starting point for research into the next realm, that of the sixth sense, or intuition.  Sixth sense design would represent the ultimate synthesis of human sensory perception and technological genius, offering an infinite variety of sensations that would overcome the perceived limitations of design today.