BE OPEN to Create a Design Institute Ranking That Stretches to the Four Corners of the World

BE OPEN, the global philanthropic foundation, is launching a new initiative as part of its education strand, Inside the Academy.

Having researched and released a ranking of secondary education across Europe (September 2013), the foundation is now undertaking a global survey to compare offerings at design institutes worldwide, as part of its ongoing commitment to creative education.

“The report will become an essential tool for design students”, says Roberto Zancan, Professor of History and Theory of Environmental Design and curator of Inside the Academy. “In recent years, we have seen a proliferation of experimental and new approaches to teaching design, architecture and art, both inside and outside of traditional academic institutions. Our ranking will help students discover these ‘alternative’ courses and choose the learning environment that works best for them.”


BE OPEN Announces a New Project for 2014/15: Finding a Place for Traditional Skills in the Future

BE OPEN, the global philanthropic foundation, today announced their plans for a worldwide project that looks at the handmade and how to ensure its survival in the future.

The foundation’s mission to seek out and platform creative talent is underpinned by robust business thinking: craft and craftsmanship need a re-brand, a holistic marketing concept that will give them global appeal.