BE OPEN Forum Makes Big Noise at Designboom

from left to right: dawn goldworm, marije vogelzang, carter cleveland, marcelo coelho, tuur van balen, and jamie zigelbaum
image © designboom

BE OPEN is a creative think tank whose initiatives strive to promote the work and ideas of global creative minds particularly in the areas of arts,  business, design, education and media. their 2012 / 2013 program is running under the core theme of ‘design of the five senses’ and at design miami/ 2012, they hosted a forum which presented five speakers practicing within diverse fields of design from product, to utilizing food, scent, biochemistry and haptic technology, developing sensorial experiences which are heightened beyond the ones we experience on a daily basis. 

Addressing the traditional senses – sight, smell, taste, touch and sound – the seminar in miami was the initial research into the next realm, that of the sixth sense or intuition. featuring talks by dawn goldworm, scent designer for olfactory branding company 12.29; tuur van balen, designer and partner in design practice cohen van balen; marije vogelzang, eating designer;  jamie zigelbaum and marcelo coelho, zigelbaum + coelho designer studio founders; and carter cleveland, founder of, with creative consultant jeffrey miller as moderator.

six-forty by four-eighty’ by zigelbaum + coelho

‘life support’ by cohen van balen


London-based studio cohen van balen is an experimental practice operating on the border between art and design. The product fictional objects, photographs and videos which explore the tension between biology and technology.

dawn goldworm – the scent of color


Scent director of 12.29 dawn goldworm has designed fragrances for celebrity, fashion, lifestyle and mass brands including the likes of lady gaga, victoria and david beckham, kate moss, kylie minogue, heidi klum, adidas, playboy, esprit, elite, jovan, lamborghini and pierre cardin. She has worked together with multi-million dollar global fragrance manufacturers; avon at their global headquarters in new york city; and coty beauty in new york city and paris.

Marije vogelzang uses food and the act of consuming it as her stimulus, designing from the verb to eat. She develops installations, workshops and experiences which address the act of eating for restaurants, hospitals and the food industry, conceiving new food rituals.

carter clevaland
image © designboom