We launch #BEOPENFoodIdentity Open Call to promote UN’s SDG2: Zero Hunger

BE OPEN is launching its next global open call across social media. With open calls, by asking the participants to share their vision in the most graphic form, BE OPEN aims to identify innovative approaches, and build creative bonds for people around the globe.

The new open call ‘BE OPEN Food Identity’ is dedicated to promoting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and in particular focuses on SDG2: Zero Hunger. Under the umbrella of zero hunger, SDG2 is not only about ending hunger, but also achieving food security and improved nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture all over the globe.

Food is more than a means of survival. Food is often used as a means of expressing and retaining cultural, ethnic, religious or other identities. From the youngest age, food shapes us, affects our preferences for the rest of our lives.

What we eat is an expression of who we are and where we come from. The traditional meals of a place touch on identity and ancestry. People also connect to their cultural or ethnic group through food patterns. The habitat areas define the foods available as well as ways of cooking, storing, recycling, etc.

Cuisines differentiate us, yet they educate us about our differences  and similarities, while common meals are the oldest expression of goodwill and bonding.

Share your vision of how food reflects your identity with the global community by joining our # BEOPENFoodIdentity Instagram open call.

The entries will close December 30, 2021. BE OPEN Community members will then select the winning post from a shortlist of submissions with the highest number of likes by Instagram users. The winner will receive a €300 prize.