New Ranking of Educational Programmes for North America and Africa Released

The BE OPEN foundation has released the latest issue of its Ranking of Educational Programs dealing with Architecture and Design. The prestigious Ranking helps applicants choose where to study and influences employers who are looking for the future stars of Architecture and Design. This year’s research focuses on the regions of Africa and North America and follows last year’s ranking, which was dedicated to the educational programs of South America and Asia.

The research conducted by BE OPEN observed 208 educational design programs in North America (Canada, Mexico and the US) and 34 educational design programs in Africa (Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Ethiopia, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya and Liberia).

The comprehensive ranking takes into account a number of variables. Statistics relating to the universities’ educational and research activities are complemented by the opinions of key reference groups: namely, employers, professors and graduates. In preparation, BE OPEN conducted interviews with key decision makers and industry leaders in design, including representatives of the best design studios and architectural bureaus.

For the research, BE OPEN has reviewed both customary curricula – such as Architectural Design, Interior Design and Product Engineering – and the relatively new and developing disciplines of Industrial, Multimedia and Interactive Design, Sound Design and Communicative Design.

The educational programs are arranged into the following groups in accordance with specific sets of criteria:

  • The best educational programs;
  • The most frequently referenced educational programs;
  • Programs with the most prominent graduates;
  • The most practice-oriented programs;
  • The most capitalized programs;
  • The most internationally recognized programs.

Elena Baturina, philanthropist and founder of BE OPEN says: “Our Ranking System has been designed to focus on people – the opinions, experiences and perspectives of both the students and their future employers. There are outstanding educational opportunities for young creatives, all over the world – even in less known institutions. We would like to celebrate this and promote creative education, so that more people benefit from it”.

The Ranking is part of BE OPEN’s educational initiative “Inside the Academy” and was conceived for two main groups: applicants to academic programs in design and architecture around the world, and potential employers. The system has so far covered North and South America, Africa and Asia.