Join #BEOPENmy2021 Open Call to help us gather the creative canvas of the passing year

BE OPEN is launching its next global open call across social media. With open calls, by asking the participants to share their vision in the most graphic form, BE OPEN aims to identify innovative approaches, and build creative bonds for people around the globe.

The end of the year is usually a moment dedicated to taking stock of the past months. It’s the time for introspection, reminiscing and evaluating our past year’s lessons and achievements. What will you remember 2021 by? Was this year about challenges and crises or about personal growth and accomplishments?

How would you sum up your year in one image or video? What visual taken over the year best reflects how you feel about it? We invite you to sit back and reflect on the year about to finish, and share the most heart-warming or outstanding, remarkable moment with the world by joining our new #BeOpenMy2021 Instagram open call.

Share your visual with #BeOpenMy2021 hashtag, and let us create a beautiful, diverse and unique canvas of 2021all together.

The entries will close January 30, 2021. BE OPEN Community members will then select the winning post from a shortlist of submissions with the highest number of likes by Instagram users. The winner will receive a €300 prize.

BE OPEN believes that the ability for creative interpretation is not confined within the art and design industry. The series of online challenges reach out to those creative minds around the globe, who keep their eyes open, see inspiration in the everyday life, and are able to transform it with their own unique vision.