BE OPEN Young Talent Award Goes to Chile

The current tour of the global design award established by BE OPEN Foundation has come to its completion – on April 28th, at the amazing Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery BE OPEN announced and awarded the main winner of YOUNG TALENT AWARD as well as the winner in the ‘Founder’s choice’ category.

The main prize of 16 000 Euro was awarded to the Otros Perez design studio based in Santiago de Chile. Founded and headed by Catalina and Jeronimo Perez the studio creates visual identities, graphics, communication strategies, websites, etc. The young designers have already cooperated with the Chilean Government, a number of Chilean universities and public organizations.

The main winner was selected by direct voting of the international jury consisting of acknowledged professors and designers Luisa Collina, Annabel Pretty, Umberto Tolino, José Allard, Fred Murrell.

Jenifer Wisler from Denver, the US, became the ‘Founder’s choice’ winner and received the second prize of 5 000 Euro. The winner in that category gets named by BE OPEN Founder Elena Baturina, an international businessperson and philanthropist. Jenifer is a communication designer and a graduate from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, she describes her work as “creating personable experiences that connect people” with the focus on craftsmanship.

The online voting for the YTA web choice winner (a 2000 Euro prize) is still in progress at BE OPEN’s Facebook page. The winner will be chosen by Facebook users by simple majority of voices out of the 10 finalists previously selected by the jury.
Founder of BE OPEN Elena Baturina: “It is a great pleasure to see so many young people passionate about design and eager to make design their profession. We have seen a lot of potential in the submissions from all over the world and hope that participation in BE OPEN Young Talent Award will give a step up in careers development not only to the winners, but also the shortlisted and long listed contestants – giving a talent more opportunities to change the way we live.”

This tour of YOUNG TALENT AWARD has been implemented in partnership with CUMULUS International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media, curated by Luisa Collina. Cumulus is the only global association to serve art and design education and research, it consists currently of 226 members from 49 countries.