Announcing the New #BEOPENUrbanPattern Open Call

The majority of people in the world live in cities, and our numbers are growing fast. In our cities we all have our beloved spots and power places, we see their beauty even if others may not. This time we ask you to share your love and your unique vision of your cities revealed in the form of urban patterns – the patterns that our cities create around us for us to capture.

We believe that our cities are able of creating patterns sometimes more intricate and interesting than those by professional designers, and we encourage you to once again engage your creative thinking, look around through your own lens, capture those precious patterns and share your visuals with the world via Instagram with the #BEOPENUrbanPattern hashtag.

You don’t have to be a professional designer or artist, as BE OPEN is positive that there is creativity in each one of us. Just go beyond the usual, see the beauty of colours and lines around you, and let us help you make that creative statement known to many.

We are open for submissions from August 25th to October 10th 2017.

Some more good news: the winner will receive EUR 300 in prize money. The best piece will be selected by the BE OPEN Community jury from a shortlist comprised of submissions with the highest ratings of likes by Instagram users.