New #BEOPENReflections Instagram Open Call


BE OPEN Launches Next Global Open Call #BEOPENReflections

Reflections have always been considered as something enigmatic and even mystical. They can multiply, disorient, re-organize space, create a non-existent counterpart or produce whimsical visual effects that turn our perceptions of what is possible upside down. The result is always a change of reality as we know it.

‘Reflections’ is the new topic for our open call; it invites people with an eye for beauty around to share pictures of peculiar effects created by mirror-like surfaces.

A means much favored by artists of all kinds in art and architecture, design and photography, reflections can make one’s heart race or quite on the contrary make one stop in awe and reflect. They are all around us in everyday life, and often a familiar object seen mirrored in an unexpected environment can produce a far stronger impact on the beholder. Isn’t the world around us just a reflection in our eyes after all?

So send us visuals that reflect this topic via Instagram with the #BEOPENReflections hashtag, as a way to celebrate people’s ability to creatively interpret the reality around them.

The entries close September 31st, 2019. BE OPEN Community members will then select the winning post from a shortlist of submissions with the highest number of likes by Instagram users. The winner will receive a €300 prize!