BE OPEN’s Ranking of Educational Programmes Reviewed by Creative Industry Professionals

BE OPEN, a humanitarian organisation set up by the international businesswoman and philanthropist Elena Baturina with the aim to foster creativity and innovation, has been developing its independent Ranking of Educational Programmes in Architecture and Design since 2013. The final selections now contain 523educational programmes in Europe, North America, Africa, South America and Asia.

The Ranking is part of BE OPEN’s Inside the Academy initiative and was conceived for a number of audiences and purposes: for future students to help them select the perfect course; for academics to provide with a clear picture of successes and ways to improve their offers, and for potential employers, looking for young professionals who would best suit their needs.

The results provided by BE OPEN’s approach and methodology have been found most valuable for the benefit of all the parties involved, which is proved by the fact that the Ranking system has been highly appraised by academics and employers from all over the world as valuable, timely and important:

“The work done by Be Open Foundation raises attention and can create general positive attitude to use the knowledge created by different educational institutions in design. It is important to understand the more criteria and more angles are used when looking at educational programmes, the wider understanding students can have about opportunities but also to initiate more dialogue with other stakeholders’.

Eija SALMI, Secretary General, Cumulus Association

‘… As creative director and board member of the Dutch Designers Association, I appreciate the work of the Be Open Foundation. Regarding design, arts and architecture the ranking gives a clear insight in the quality of educational programmes of universities in Europe”.

Rene TONEMAN, Creative Director SILO Agency, Board Member of the Association of Dutch Designers BNO

‘The comprehensive ranking of top educational programmes regarding design, architecture and arts, carried out by the Be Open Foundation will be of great value for (future) students, employers, policymakers, in fact for everybody with a keen interest in these professions…’

Kitty DE JONG, Business Consultant Board Member of the Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA) 

“The Be Open classification is a tool that oversees the chaotic nature of design education and provides a new, clear understanding of the many opportunities the young generations may be looking at when interested for such education….

Térence COTON, Architect & Product Designer