BE OPEN Road Map 2013: Milan, London, Mumbai and Tokyo



BE OPEN will launch a whole series of projects around a new theme: the interaction between North, South, East and West in terms of culture, creative approach and issues related to urbanism.

Sound Symposium / BE OPEN with UAL: Chelsea College of Art and Design, Central Saint Martins’ College of Arts and Design, London College of Communication

Another element of BE OPEN Inside the Academy’s educational platform is the UAL project for which a mixed-discipline postgraduate group will create trans-disciplinary soundworks. They will also par- ticipate in practical sessions covering areas such as data-sonification, audio programming, multichannel sound and physical computing. The project will involve two student-based commissions and one artist commission.

The Sound Portal, designed by world-leading engineers Arup, was presented during the 2012 London Design Festival with a series of sound performances in Trafalgar Square. It will be installed in the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground at Chelsea College of Art and Design where the College, alongside Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design and London College of Communication, will use it to explore the unique ambisonic sound space, in three quite different ways. The colleges began their individual programmes with a lecture and master-class series that launched in April 2013 and will culminate in a symposium – Sounding Space.


BE OPEN’s journey will take it to Mumbai in 2013, with a project that investigates creativity and the cross-fertilisation of cultures. The choice of India as a location, with its burgeoning economy and willingness to embrace change underlines BE OPEN’s optimistic and creative approach to future thinking.


Tokyo will host the premiere of the project with a temporary launch space and event. The Japanese capital city will enhance the innovative spirit of the project, which will feature renowned and talented creatives and will be the trigger for the business development project, which is an important new part of BE OPEN’s activities. The foundation will also launch a new book on the future of food, featuring leading creatives, scholars and chefs. Their ideas, together with inspiring texts and visuals, will contribute to creating a unique editorial project.