BE OPEN Launches Everyday Art Open Call to celebrate people’s innate creativity

BE OPEN believes that the ability for creative interpretation is not confined within the art and design industry. The series of online challenges reach out to those creative minds around the globe, who keep their eyes open, see inspiration in everyday life, and are able to transform it with their own unique vision.

The new open call #BEOPENEverydayArt is dedicated to celebrating people’s innate creativity that manifests itself in little things that make the reality around us more beautiful, personalized and unique in our own ways. The way we serve our breakfast, style our clothes, decorate our rooms, adjust our workplaces, make pictures of what catches our eye in the streets – all that shows our unique vision of the world.

We invite you to join our new #BEOPENEverydayArt open call and share the visuals that demonstrate your everyday creativity in order to connect with people worldwide.

The open call will close October 22, 2023. BE OPEN Community members will then select the winning post from a shortlist of submissions with the highest number of likes by social media users. The winner will receive a €300 prize.