BE OPEN Art, an online gallery to support emerging talents

BE OPEN develops its commitment to support emerging creative talents by running an online gallery, BE OPEN Art.

BE OPEN Art is projected to become an online platform for discovering and collecting art. It aims to draw connections and map works of art all over the world. The main objective of the project is to provide an opportunity of global visibility to emerging artists who cover the most pressing topics and issues of today, yet have no patronage or financial opportunity to show their work to art professionals, investors or the general public.

BE OPEN Art is a starting point for connections to be built between the new creators and collectors of today. The art scene is changing greatly these days. There is a tremendous rise of new collectors – the millennials – who are no longer driven by materialism as the primary goal of their investments, but are interested in the social impact of the art they are buying.

While developing the gallery, we were guided by the best world practices in the field of promoting and collecting art.

To feature on its pages BE OPEN Art selects artists who emphasize social consciousness, philosophical and aesthetical solutions for the wrongs of the contemporary world. In a way, we are looking for the new influencers in the art scene, and invite everyone to contribute to this process.

Regular public votings will help select top artists out of the featured list, and at the end of the year the short-listed ones will have a chance to become the Artist of the Year and get a monetary prize from BE OPEN.