Educating the Future

Through conferences, talks, and educational projects available for wide audiences, BE OPEN promotes growth and progress through creativity and design. We believe that non-conventional thinking is key to qualitative changes in every sector of human activity; that is why it is crucial that young people are exposed to inspiring ideas today, ideas they can evolve to improve our future.

BE OPEN helps the great minds of our time – philosophers, sociologists, designers, architects, artists, writers, businessmen and opinion leaders— inspire the promising new minds of the next generation.

As put by BE OPEN’s Founder Elena Baturina, “The instrument  for improving the world we have chosen is design in the broadest sense of the word, as an interdisciplinary realisation of human genius and applied action.  We believe that creativity should design the future.

“For this reason, we are here to bring visionary people together, from all four corners of the world, getting them to connect, exchange ideas, explore together and stimulate each other’s thinking.  We give a global platform to established practitioners so that they can share directly their knowledge and experience with the younger creatives.”

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Educating Tomorrows Innovators


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