Supporting Talents

BE OPEN’s mission is to put the new generation of design practitioners centre stage, provide them with the sense of creative liberation, a breeding ground for a truly cumulative cultural experience.

In order to identify brilliant young designers and help integrate them into the industry, BE OPEN regularly launches awards programmes. They involve young designers in the transitionary phase between academia and professional life into competitions on a particular subject. The entries are judged by a panel of industry professionals established in the relevant aspect of design.

With BE OPEN’s support, many of the participants have been able to launch a product, develop their concepts, gain visibility in the industry, get access to additional education or improve their resume.

Elena Baturina explains, “These programmes are all about celebrating the talent, aspirations, and tenacity of the young artists and designers, whose creativity will define our future for years to come. I created BE OPEN because I wanted a platform from which to support and encourage the fantastic creative talent that I see all around me, yet, which often struggles to find a connection to the commercial world. BE OPEN intends to change that.


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