Inspiring the Future

“For years, BE OPEN has celebrated people’s ability to create and explore new ideas, uncover unexpected solutions and produce something that no-one has ever produced, all the while attempting to trace the source of each individual artist’s creative ability and inspiration,” said Elena Baturina.

Through collaborations with outstanding established creatives, architects, artists and designers from all over the world, BE OPEN develops projects aimed at promoting design as a means of making a positive change in our lives, endorse the very idea of the human creative activity, the drive to transform the outer world for the better.

The installations, expositions and performances that have resulted from those collaborations, inspire people to reach further in their creative aspirations, and make actual steps to realization of their creative ideas and ambitions.


The Garden of Wonders


Sound Portal


Food Theatre

The House of Senses

Revelations by Aidan

Winter Song by Iosseliani