Food Theatre

During Milan Design Week BE OPEN hosted a unique event focusing on the sense of taste, with an innovative food experience at Moroso’s showroom in via Pontaccio, as part of its extended programme to explore senses. 

Using Kvadrat’s textiles and Moroso’s furniture, celebrated designer Patricia Urquiola created a ‘stage’ for Italian Massimiliano Alajmo, the world’s youngest chef to be awarded 3 Michelin Stars and the Danish duo I’m a Combo, in which they worked on the theme of the senses.

Eating is one of the most natural actions for a human being, but at the same time it involves a complex relationship between the senses and perception as it stimulates not only taste but the whole sensory system. The food experience becomes a ritual in some ways as it involves sight, smell and touch as well as sound. The contrast of flavours, of textures but also the environment surrounding the act of eating can radically change how we feel about a particular dish or the raw materials from which it is made.

The scientific study of nutrition and the aesthetics of food have been a constant source of intrigue for cultures and creatives of all disciplines – artists and chefs, writers and filmmakers not to mention photographers, so why not architects and designers? Thus BE OPEN included food in its exploration of the senses, to see how this primal experience can become part of an evolving creative process.