Olga Kalugina (Russia, Ekaterinburg)
Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art / graduated

Mobile living module
The Mobile living module runs on renewable energy sources. And as a Mobile living module, BLOOM is designed to rely on nature far from a civilization. The module works completely independently on renewable energy sources. The object is equipped by solar batteries, air and liquid solar collectors, water treating filters, a slow burning furnace and a system for processing dust. The module transforms so lateral parts of it are developed from the inside out, considerably increasing internal space of the module.

Module audience will be travel companies, which will organize trips to places chosen by the client. The module is intended for six persons from three days to about one week. The module is transported by means of motor transport or helicopter. The size of the module is comparable to the sizes of standard containers, but it is possible to connect modules together. The living space includes the entrance zone, three private living zones and the general territory in which you’ll find a dining zone, a sanitary-and-hygienic block, and a kitchen. The private living zone is an open room for two people. The first berth becomes a top shelf. The second berth is transformed to a sofa and a bench in the afternoon, separating a work space from the general zone.


Alexander Dobrovskiy (Russia, Moscow)

Moscow Institute of Architecture, Hogeschool voor Wetenschap en Kunst Sint-Lucas / student

Seaport Sakhalin
A projected sea port could be placed on the shelf of Sakhalin island, near the village of Ilyinsky. The port could be part of the program for development of the transport system in Russia from 2010 to 2015. The site selected for the project comes from the fact that the island of Sakhalin is in need of a modern port to link with the mainland.

This port will serve the projects Sakhalin 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (passenger and commercial ships). The advantages of the chosen location are: the availability of sufficient land, proximity to rail, road and highway, the possibility of year-round pilotage with no icebreaker needed (ice from only January to March does not interfere with shipping). The port will be an alternative to the outdated port in Kholmsk and will be the main link to an existng port, Vanino. The aims of the project are ensuring the development of Sakhalin territory, designing a hub to connectof the island with the mainland, a way to solve current economic problems with the creation of an additional third exit to the Pacific Ocean.