Showcasing Talents

BE OPEN acts as an incubator for ideas, a fertile piece of land where projects can be nurtured and realized. With expositions and showcases, BE OPEN celebrates young people’s ability to create and explore new phenomena, find unexpected solutions. We support emerging talent, the all-important next generation, and help them gain visibility in the industry and the world in general.

Young people need to get inspiration in order to develop their thinking and they need reassurance and support to continue to evolve their practice. We are offering that with showcasing their work, mentoring, masterclasses and awards.  Participation in BE OPEN’s expositions has opened up opportunities for dozens of emerging creatives all over the world.

In Elena Baturina’s words, “Seeing works submitted by students and emerging designers around the world who apply for our programmes has been inspiring and encouraging.  There are so many wonderful minds working out there and we can not only give them the platform to show their work on a global scale, but we can bring key people together, connects ideas to implementation and ultimately bring new ideas into being.”


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Zang Tumb Tumb


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Verge Exposition


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