Analogia Project – Spiny



“No rose without a thorn, but many a thorn without a rose!” Arthur Schopenhauer

A bottle containing the elusive perfume and the refined blend. Precious containers that deserve to be protected. Stinging thorns come out of the bottle surface, to protect the precious treasure hidden inside.

Analogia Project


Andrea and Emilia founded AP Atelier in London in 2011 to create engaging narrative projects, experiment new visual communicative dimensions and explore the relationship with everyday objects.

Andrea Mancuso spent several years working as a designer for English studio Nigel Coates, gaining a solid experience in the furnishing and lighting design fields.

Emilia Serra is an Italian architect with a rich experience in the field of exhibitions, installations and interior design.

They’ve taken part in the most important design events in Europe and collaborated with high fashion brands such as Bulgari, Fendi and Hermes, and their work has been published worldwide.