Sounding Space Programme

BE OPEN co-organised a 6-month educational programme named Sounding Space at the Chelsea College of Art & Design, Central Saint Martins and the London College of Communication, all based in London.

The students explored the possibilities of sound from three very different perspectives, as part of a unique collaboration between BE OPEN and the University of the Arts, London.  They experimented with the BE OPEN Sound Portal – a bespoke space, equipped with state-of-the-art audio technologies aimed at delivering pure acoustic experiences.

To mark the culmination of the collaboration, the Sounding Space Symposium took place in London. With a focus on urbanism and sound, Sounding Space Symposium showcased the work of each college. Researching sound and its effect on our cities was a theme that underpinned discussion throughout the symposium.

Keynote speeches were made by the celebrated sound artist Bill Fontana and by Dr. John Levack Drever, Head of the Unit for Sound Practice Research at Goldsmiths, University of London. BE OPEN’S mission was to research the key issues affecting our lives today by working with innovative thinkers who can come up with creative solutions.

A crucial function of the Sound Portal was to look at the problem of noise in our cities and to find ways of mitigating its impact. 




Lectures and Workshops