Design and Architecture Courses Ranking

This comprehensive study involves analysis of university courses in creative disciplines in various regions of the world. The Ranking is part of BE OPEN’s educational initiative, and was conceived for two main groups: applicants to academic programmes in design and architecture around the world, and potential employers.

It has already mapped 83 creative educational programmes in Europe, 208 programmes in North America, 34 in Africa, 102 in South America, 96 programmes in Asia, and 75 in Central Asia and Oceania.

Unlike most of the research in the educational sphere, the system developed by BE OPEN evaluates not the schools and their material resources, but the value of educational courses they offer, i.e. the unique opportunities with which each particular course endows its graduates – not so much in terms of its prestige, as in the breadth of horizons and connections.

The research takes into account a number of variables. Statistics relating to the universities’ educational and research activities have been complemented by the opinions of key reference groups: namely, employers, professors and graduates.

In preparation, BE OPEN conducts interviews with key decision makers and industry leaders in design, including representatives of the best design studios and architectural bureaus. For the research, BE OPEN reviews both customary curricula – such as Architectural Design, Interior Design and Product Engineering – and the relatively new and developing disciplines of Industrial, Multimedia and Interactive Design, Sound Design and Communicative Design.

The next step of the project is systematizing the results obtained from all the world regions into a single database that will further on be revaluated and updated regularly.

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Ranking of design and architecture courses in North America
Ranking of design and architecture courses in South America
Ranking of design and architecture courses in Europe
Ranking of design and architecture courses in Asia
Ranking of design and architecture courses in Africa