BE OPEN, the social and cultural foundation that supports creativity and innovation, has published the results of several research works dedicated to education in arts and architecture.

The initiative was launched in 2013, when the foundation started developing the research methodology through analyzing secondary creative education across Europe, the results of that analysis were presented in September the same year. Switching from these most elaborate and “mature” educational systems to ones of South America and Asia, BE OPEN updated its methods to better fit their peculiarities – the dynamic growth, fast development and outstanding potential in the majority of business and public areas.

Educational Programs Dealing with Architecture and Design in Africa


Ranking System Educational Programs Dealing with Architecture and Design in Asia


Creative Education: A Review of Policy, Provision and Excellence in Arts Teaching Across Secondary Education in Europe


Educational Programs Dealing with Architecture and Design in North America


Ranking System of Educational Programs Dealing with Architecture and Design in South America

“As a professor I welcome any project that gives young people access to valuable information. I think it is a very good idea to equip soon-to-be-students with a proper guide to arts and design related education. BE OPEN’s ranking is not overloaded with details, still provides enough initial data to select a shortlist of schools, and then choose the one best fitting one’s needs and resources. It is useful and free – just the thing young people need”.
Jean-Louis TRUEL,
Associate Professor at Université Paris-Est Créteil
Founder and managing director of International Business Development – IBD.
 “The rankings are incredible! If I had this information when I was choosing my university, it could help me a lot. It’s a big pity, that you’ be prepared them only now
My native German University in Cairo occupies a good position in Ranking”.
Mohamed FADEL,
Head of AIESEC in Egypt, German University of Cairo
 “I believe that the educational program’s ranking prepared by the BE OPEN foundation may offer real help to young people who are in the process of selection of a school to go to. I am confident that the foundation’s research work in the design educational ranking field will be able to achieve the same level of recognition as rankings prepared by the Financial Times in the field of MBA rankings”.
Mounaim LAMOUNI,
Head of AIESEC in Marocco

“I am convinced that BE OPEN’s ranking lists of design, arts and architecture schools are a very timely and important tool for young people who want to pursue a creative profession. The contemporary world has less and less boundaries, so boys and girls from Europe can go study arts to the US, or Brazil, or Tokyo. And that is truly fantastic because it’s a double win – you can study design and another culture, explore a whole new esthetics, which is a very useful thing for an artist, or a designer, or an architect. So knowing your opportunities, being able to weigh all cons and pros without yet actually leaving home just by looking through those lists is actually an enormous help.”

Full professor
Vice-President of Université Paris-Dauphine
 “The ranking provides valuable data for employees as it reveals the ways schools approach arts, design and technology education. We attribute more value to practical training, experience in the field. When searching for new team members, we want to be sure that they have acquired some useful skills and are not proficient in theory only.”
Jeffrey MA,
Development Director,
Shanghai Union Technology Corporation
“Very useful rating system. Especially for people and companies not working in the Art and Design field, yet needing a base knowledge of their future employee educational background. Easy to navigate, informative, practical”.
Dr Elvira BOLAT,
Programme Leader, Global Engagement Lead, Senior Lecturer in Marketing Bournemouth University