BE OPEN Academy is a crucially important part of BE OPEN’s work: an approach at systematisation of all the valuable data we have accumulated over the years in relation to creative education and ways of its improvement.

The Academy provides easy access to major strata of today’s creative education to people globally.

The Academy is evolving and being enriched daily, and currently consists of three major interconnected projects:

– Design Courses Online is a dedicated search system which brings together top online courses in design, art and architecture-related disciplines from the world’s best educational institutions. Most of these courses are accessible online, and are useful for applicants with various types of proficiency in creative disciplines, starting with beginners.

– Design and Architecture Courses Ranking provides a concise and valuable insight into the professional creative education, being a compilation of short reviews on design and architecture courses in various regions of the world. For applicants, the ranking may serve as a handy tool for choosing the right school, for educators – to compare and improve their educational proposals, for business/employers – to select future employees.

– EDU Database is BE OPEN’s most recent academic product, and is currently in development. Based on the two above, this will be an interactive online platform to promote and develop accessible, flexible and affordable education opportunities for people around the globe.


Design Courses Online


EDU Database


D&A Courses Rankings